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If you are setting up a MODEL RAILROAD layout, the detail can be very important. At Model Memories we have custom designed kits and accessories to make your layout or diorama look as real as possible. We have kits that can enhance your buildings, tracks, rolling stock, and fences that will bring your project to life. These kits are made mainly of etched-brass, cast metal and plastic. If you are looking to add life to your project, you have come to the right place. Please browse our site and see why our products can give you the detail you have been looking for.

And, all of our products are MADE IN THE U.S.A.

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Update: Winter 2016

Keeping up with orders gave us limited time for new product development. We have however made some progress on the layout. Check out the photos of the main passenger terminal area and electric / car shops.

New Haven RS-1 at Sunnyside NY station

New Haven Commuter headed for New York City

Pennsy GG1 with commuter consist headed for New York City

Main passenger terminal track plan

PRR / NH (left) NYCentral (right) Electric and Car Shop

Out-shopped cars waiting for new assignments


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