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If you are setting up a MODEL RAILROAD layout, the detail can be very important. At Model Memories we have custom designed kits and accessories to make your layout or diorama look as real as possible. We have kits that can enhance your buildings, tracks, rolling stock, and fences that will bring your project to life. These kits are made mainly of etched-brass, cast metal and plastic. If you are looking to add life to your project, you have come to the right place. Please browse our site and see why our products can give you the detail you have been looking for.

And, all of our products are MADE IN THE U.S.A.

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AEM7 on the NE Corridor in the 1990's
Lance Mindheim, custom layout builder (
took this great shot on a client's project

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Updated: January 2014

New Pantograph offering
We've had a number of requests for more pantograph offerings. We have realized that "one size does not fit all applications" so we now have medium and large sized pantographs in H-O scale. Check out our new pantograph page where you will find dimensions for proper fit and mounting.

Projects under consideration

H-O PRR / NE Corridor Catenary Bridge - We've done a prototype for a leading custom layout builder and were very pleased with the end result. We plan to provide the Bridge with position and color position signals to accommodate pre and post Amtrak years. Both would be offered assembled, lighted and un-lighted. Watch our website and RMC ad for availability.

H-O CNS&M Catenary Bridge – Several years ago we provided these Bridges exclusively for MTS Imports. Recently MTS Imports has halted retail operations and we've received direct requests for these products. We are considering producing these Bridges again if demand warrants. If you have interest please contact us.

O Scale Signals – We are working on several O Scale Signal projects for the Southern Pacific and ATSF. Assuming these projects come to fruition, we will consider offering these Signals to our fellow modelers.


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