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YouTube Videos

Following are some suggested YouTube Videos
featuring Model Memories products:

Amazing NY Central layout by Victor Hand. He is an unbelievable modeler and has
reproduced the NY Central in the 1950's to exacting degree. A must see video even
if the NY Central isn't a railroad you are modeling!
PRR and New Haven catenary on Bill Kachel’s layout. PRR catenary built by Bill,
NH catenary built by Model Memories. Skip ahead to 9:43 to see NH catenary
PRR catenary GG1 with the Congressional
PRR catenary GG1 freight
Chicago, South Shore catenary module
PRR catenary NE Corridor
Fabulous New Haven layout of Rick Abramson part 1
Fabulous New Haven layout of Rick Abramson part 2
Stephan Lamb Assoc’s professionally built layout featuring Model Memories catenary
Stephen Bennett installs Model Memories telltales
Pantograph damage –
Amazing video of high speed train showing destroyed pantograph

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