Thinning the herd

Years of collecting brass models has resulted in some duplicates and models that will just never see the light of day. Rather than taking up shelf space I decided that fellow modelers might like to add these great models to their collection. So I am offering several great Heavy Electric HO Scale models for sale.
1 - The models will be offered on a “first come” basis for sale. This is not an auction.
2 - Prices have been established based on eBay and Brass dealers published pricing for similar models. However, like a used car, no two models are the same so there is also some objective evaluation used to determine a realistic price.
3 - Each model is described in detail with features highlighted. All modifications and improvements have been made here in our shop. All have been thoroughly tested.
4 - Phone calls are encouraged so a Q & A will determine the suitability of the model and additional photos can be provided. Call 804-598-4716

Model Descriptions and Photos

Pennsy R-1 Importer – Alpha Models, this model was bought from a dealer and I believe it was new when purchased. Model has been test-run only while in my collection. Runs like a Swiss watch very smooth and quiet, Paint is excellent – a few blemishes on the frame have been touched-up. Pantographs have been replaced, originals were very weak and easily broken. Replacements fit the original pads with very little modifications. These units will operate raised under wire, The original pantographs would not operate properly so they were replaced. The model has window glazing and LED (warm white) directional headlight with lens and Kadee couplers. Email for additional photos.
Price - $1.250.

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New York Central S-3 - Importer – Custom Brass. This model is new and has been test-run only. Excellent running, very smooth and quiet, Kadee couplers. Email for additional photos.
Price - $345 unpainted.

We can custom finish the model which includes paint, lettering (your choice of early or later lettering), directional headlights and Kadee couplers.
Price - $550 Custom Painted.

Just a note: it is likely that the R-1 and S-3 will never be produced again, ever! That means there is a limited supply so buy’em now and don’t be disappointed.

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