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"H-O" Scale MU Cars


NYC 4300 series MU Cars ..... SEE PICTURE

The NYC railroad took delivery of the first “multiple unit” cars in 1906-7. Throughout the
57 years that “MU’s” operated there were many modifications which created four unique
styles. Model Memories has reproduced the final style as a coach and combination
coach/baggage. As delivered, the cars were configured as powered and trailer. As time
passed it became too complicated to “make-up” a train with the correct combination
of power. All cars were converted to power. Model Memories’ trailers have power trucks
but are un-powered. The coach and combine measure 69ft long. Originally the combine
measured 61ft but was stretched to 69ft in 1929-30. There were 5 of these cars in operation.

The Model comes complete with the following:

Trailer - unpowered
- painted and lettered (early paint scheme, no striping)
- window glazing
- couplers
- unique numbers 4330-4336 Coach, 4350-4355 combine

Powered Unit
- all of the above plus:
- 8 wheel drive
- High performance motor
- Dual flywheels
- DC operation

- Dulux Gold striping
- Constant intensity directional headlight

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Item #
Coach trailer
No charge
Coach powered
No charge
Combine trailer
No charge
Combine powered
No charge
How to order: -- Example part number with options
#MUCoach48TS4330 = Coach trailer w/striping, number 4330
#MUCombine48PC4351 = Combine powered w/constant lighting, number 4351
#MUCombine48T4355 = Combine trailer, number 4355
* - S= Stripes, C= Constant lighting, N= Number 4330-4336 or 4350-4355
(specify road number at the end of the part number)


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